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Welcome to the Beautiful Historical town of Murray Idaho. In 1882 A.J. Prichard was the first to discover Gold, bringing people from miles away. The population in the winter of 1883 was over 10,000 in the Eagle City/Murray area. Making Murray the home of the famous Molly b'Damn, Wyatt Earp, Noah Kellogg and so many more. The Murray House was built in 1884 and was a bank ran by Warren Hussey. Adam Aulbach traveled into Murray on the backs of 45 mules carrying his newspaper press from Belknap Montana. Making the 1884 Murray House the home of the first issue of the Idaho Sun. The home was divided into two businesses, one side the Newspaper, the other a bank. Which the bank window is still located in the lobby of the Bed and Breakfast.

We have four rooms upstairs in our Bed and Breakfast

  • The A.J. Prichard ~ 2 rooms, full size bathroom, 2 full size beds
  • The Adam Aulbach Room ~ 2 rooms, full size bathroom with a claw tub, 2 full size beds
  • The Molly b'Damn Room ~ is one room which includes a claw tub
  • The Wyatt Earp Room ~ Double size bed and a full size bathroom that is located down the hall
  • Breakfast ~ Is served daily